Spacelabs Healthcare Physiological Monitors, Telemetry, Information Systems and Connectivity
About Us
Spacelabs, a subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc., has been in the forefront of the healthcare monitoring industry since its founding in 1958.

As healthcare monitoring has grown in scope and complexity, Spacelabs has expanded its equipment and systems to keep pace and to continue to provide critical clinical information where and when it is needed.

CMI markets the Patient Monitoring and Connectivity family of products and services, as listed below.

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Used Equipment
***  Patient Monitoring  ***
XPREZZON Bedside Monitor
qube Compact Bedside Monitor
qube Mini Transport Monitor
Clinical Parameters
Parameter Modules
Supplies and Accessories
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***  Surveillance  ***
XC 4 Satellite Surveillance
XC 48 Central Surveillance
***  Clinical Tools  ***
***  Telemetry and Ambulation  ***
Clinical Access
Custom Trends
Print Manager
Smart Disclosure
Vital Signs Viewer
Complete Alarm History
Aria Telemetry
Xhibit Central Monitoring
***  Networking and Integration  ***
Vital Signs Interface
ADT Interface
Enterprise Network Interface
12-Lead ECG Interface
Additional Interfacing
***  Network Implementation  ***
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Enterprise Connectivity