Spacelabs Medical patient monitoring systems

Spacelabs Medical, an OSI Systems Company, is a leading global provider of patient monitoring systems that support time-saving, informed decision-making for care teams in critical care, emergency and perioperative areas. Developed in partnership with caregivers, Spacelabs' systems focus on making the most efficient use of valuable staff time and improving standards of patient care. Integrated solutions include wired and wireless networks and clinical information connectivity, ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitors and medical data services.

*** PLEASE NOTE: CMI can only market new Spacelabs equipment within Florida and South Georgia, USA. However, we have a large inventory of Spacelabs used and demonstration equipment that can be sold to any location.
608 Hz telemetry antenna kits

50 each 608 Hz telemetry kits in stock! Each kit contains 2 100-foot cables, 2 50-foot cables, antenna, cable splitter. Kits come either powered or unpowered.