CMI Privacy Policy

Clinical Measurements Privacy Policy

We appreciate your visit to our website and hope it is useful to you. When you visit our website, some information is collected about your visit. However, no individually identifiable information will be recorded or retained unless you approve. Your IP address, browser and reference site domain name are logged every time you visit our site. This data is used strictly for the analysis of load information and maximizing the efficiency of our servers. Except as provided elsewhere in this policy, we will not share this data with anyone. Our site currently does not send any cookies to your computer.

We have pared down our contact forms to require the smallest possible amount of information about you in order to make the flow of information simpler and more secure for you. Whenever you do send in a request for a quote or a contact, we will only save the information you provide if you check the box allowing us to keep your data on file. We will save your emails until we have addressed your question or request. We will file some or all of these emails for future reference if the email is from a company which does business with CMI. We will discard any emails that do not come from an existing account or which do not result in new business, unless the sender has permitted CMI to keep the contact information.

Items cannot currently be purchased with CMI online, and financial information is not collected online. We offer the option of direct phone contact instead of the use of our online information request forms if this better meets your contact and security needs.

Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted on this page. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact our Office Manager at, or at 407-877-5600 x 11.