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A high-resolution screen displays crisp and visually rich Custom Trends for faster, better informed patient assessment. With a single touch, clinicians can access different trend views based on observation needs, type of procedure, or clinical protocols. Trends can be displayed continuously on the bedside monitor for real-time updates, or can be sized and arranged as preferred.With Spacelabs Dynamic Network Access™ (DNA) the optional dual display allows a dedicated full screen view of physiologic information, plus a secondary screen for charting and other clinical applications. Workstation performance. Fully backward compatible, XPREZZON presents a seamless transition between platforms. It also features a highly intuitive touch screen user interface, universal to all Spacelabs patient monitors, to simplify learning and promote the continuity of workflow. more ...

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1050 monitor

We have five (5) 1050 monitors on hand, and we are looking for a quick sale! We can mix A and B modules with any of these, and can order additional modules in case you need all A's or all B's. Call or Contact Us for a quote! more ...

608 Hz telemetry antenna kits

50 each 608 Hz telemetry kits in stock! Each kit contains 2 100-foot cables, 2 50-foot cables, antenna, cable splitter. Kits come either powered or unpowered. more ...

Multishelf Surgical Cart

Never used! Heavy-duty, designed for organizing multiple devices with proper height alignment. Integrated AC power strip. About 100 pounds. Crated. (Two in stock)
Would also make an excellent biomedical cart for mobile backup monitoring. more ...