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Spacelabs, a subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc., has been in the forefront of the healthcare monitoring industry since its founding in 1958.

As healthcare monitoring has grown in scope and complexity, Spacelabs has expanded its equipment and systems to keep pace and to continue to provide critical clinical information where and when it is needed.

CMI markets the Patient Monitoring and Connectivity family of products and services, as listed below.

For more detailed information on these products, please see Patient Monitoring products on the Spacelabs Healthcare website here.

Used Equipment
***  Patient Monitoring  ***
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XPREZZON Bedside Monitor -- A monitor for demanding environments, developed by clinicians for easy to use applications. Used in NICU Level III, open heart, multi-organ, ED, and ICU environments.

qube Compact Bedside Monitor -- Ideal for general and sophisticated bedside monitoring. Suited for PACU, ICU, ED. Typically used for its flexibility as both bedside and portable.

qube Mini Transport Monitor -- Ideal for flexibility; low cost. Great for transport, sub-acute, and outpatient applications.

DM4 -- Versatile vital signs monitor that doubles as a bedside. Integrated parameters including optional EtCO2.
Aria Telemetry -- Industry leading telemetry system; lightweight and durable. Full color screen; waterproofed to IPX7. Pair with Xhibit central monitoring, and manage utilization with SafeNSound.
***  Telemetry and Ambulation  ***
***  Surveillance  ***
Xhibit XC 48 Central Surveillance -- Provides remote centralized monitoring and alarm management for up to 48 patients, using one to four high-definition displays. Analytical tools  include Clinical Access for trend analysis, full disclosure utilizing Intesys® Clinical Suite (ICS), clinical information systems, PACS, and more.
Supplies and Accessories --  Standardize accessories across your facility for greater efficiency and flexibility, including multi-vendor devices.
XprezzNet -- Supports direct loading of vital signs, waveforms and alarms to charting, alarm management and EMR systems.
***  Networking and Integration  ***
Vital Signs Interface -- Links patient monitors to your Clinical Information System (CIS) via a single scalable HL7 interface. Automatic data transfer, fast charting, including  Flexport data from peripheral devices as well.
ADT Interface -- Collects admission, discharge and transfer information via the hospital network and stores it in a centralized database. Uses barcode data where available.
Enterprise Network Interface -- Provides the basis for a hospital's secondary alarm notification system.
12-Lead ECG Interface -- Enables the export of diagnostic electrocardiogram (ECG) reports from a Spacelabs bedside monitor to an ECG management system. Works with all major ECG management systems.
Additional Interfacing -- Other capabilities include serial transfer of data using PDL, Vitalink and Capsule technology, useful for anesthetic monitoring and with Flexport interfaces.
Clinical Access - for data where and when needed, the Intesys® Clinical Suite carries vital information to clinicians across services and sites.
Custom Trends -- clinician defined formats so that patients' data will be collected from Spacelabs monitors and attached peripheral devices to create a customized flowsheet
Print Manager -- A system-wide printing solution using laser printers installed on your hospital network, eliminating the hassles of replacing strip paper, mounting strips, losing printouts, and purchasing costly thermal paper.
SafeNSound -- comprehensive reporting tools, a communications dashboard for monitor technicians, and an easy-to-use device management system to admit patients to monitors/telemetry at the bedside.
Smart Disclosure -- Collects patient waveforms, alarms, vital signs, and 12-lead reports, providing basic trends in both tabular and graphical format, along with a retrospective ECG analysis.
Vital Signs Viewer -- Provides patient information viewable on any networked PC.
Complete Alarm History -- Retrospectively review alarm events in both thumbnail and strip format.
***  Clinical Tools  ***
Clinical Parameters -- Interchangeable modules provide comprehensive monitoring capabilities and flexibility in matching the monitor to the patient's needs in any care area in the hospital.
***  Network Implementation  ***
Spacelabs Monitors View All -- Monitors can view, control, review and record other monitors in real time.
Enterprise Connectivity -- Peer to peer architecture removes any dependency on central stations, reducing points of failure and simplifying the flow of data to the database.